SEO Tools for 2018

4 Must Try SEO Tools for 2018

All online marketers, bloggers and small businesses realize the importance of SEO in the market today. With every passing year, the trends in SEO keep evolving to improve the user experience. This also brings up challenges for every business, blogger and marketer who is using SEO in a bid to become more successful. In order to enjoy success, they have to keep on changing their approach to SEO so that they can keep up with the latest trends. This is why there is a necessity to use any means possible to improve SEO rankings and what better way to go about it than SEO Tools? Here are the four must try SEO tools for 2018.


This is an SEO tool which is primarily used for the purpose of auditing. The pricing is variable. There is a free version for it and a paid one as well according to your needs. This tool is the ideal tool for you to use when you want to determine the effectiveness of your website’s SEO optimization.

The four major tools that make it so effective are:

  • SEO Compare
  • Ranking Check
  • SEO Check
  • Keyword Check

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Cash Flow Forecasting

What Is Cash Flow Forecasting And Why Is It Important?

When it comes to small business accounting, some industry best practices can go straight over your head, especially if you are trying to do your accounting yourself. While experienced accountants can be useful, it can be hard to justify paying for them to do all of your bookkeeping for you. This can lead to a lot of stress on your behalf, as you try and navigate the difficult challenge of keeping your accounts during the year.

There are some things that you, as a small business owner, can do to improve your business efficiency and to manage your finances better. One of these things is cash flow forecasting, which involves creating a rough plan that shows how much income you are expecting over the following few months or years.

What Is Cash flow Forecasting?

Cash flow forecasting involves creating a detailed financial plan which does two things:

  • Calculates how much money you expect to flow into your business (income).
  • Estimates how much money is going to flow out of your business (expenses).

First, you need to make an accurate estimate of your daily business running costs. Include things like rent, electricity and other bills and wages. Multiply this by the number of days in your forecast period, and add any other major costs you can think of – include things like one-off maintenance, stock costs and accountants fees. The total of all these will be your total expenses.

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Web Page Speed

Web Page Speed – Microseconds Count

This little study conducted by Google and Amazon re-confirms what many of us have known for years: Web page visits drop even if the page took a half-second longer to load.

This makes sense when you combine a couple of factors of human nature. One is habit. We people are getting more and more used to instant gratification. Have thought, text message, post to Twitter. Get sudden urge to hear old 80s song again, search YouTube, listen to it. You get the picture. We’re surrounding ourselves by mobile devices of every shape, and it’s just training us to be less and less patient with lag. More on Design For People Who Use Mobile by

The other factor is uncertainty. If you knew, every time, that no matter how long it takes, the page you want will eventually come up, you’d probably wait longer. But there’s so many things that could go wrong. Is it a bad connection? Server failed? Account suspended? Bad link? Too much Javascript slowing the page down? A Flash load? Webmaster mistake? We don’t know, but if it doesn’t come up in a few seconds, we know that we’ll get what we’re looking for somewhere else.

Just one more reason to only host your site on a server running Linux (the fastest, most efficient system), and with a local web host so you cut out all the lag you can.

Link Baiting

Successful Link Baiting

There are many variations that you can try while creating a link baiting blog article, but if you want to concentrate only on time-tested methods, I would recommend that you simply include something controversial in your blog article.

Everyone loves a bit of controversy in their lives and if you manage to include something controversial in your blog without ruffling too many feathers, you can rest assured that your blog will be a big hit amongst online users and you will get the desired number of back links for your website.

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Ways To Network

Blowing The Dust Off Your Blog: Three Ways To Network

Hey, remember blogs? Times used to be when we talked about how blogging was the next great marketing venue of the 21st century – it’s been about ten years since then. How about we get back to basics? Blogging is still the main way to go if you want your business to get exposure on the web, but now that everybody has a blog, you have to work harder to get noticed. So here’s a refresher course in networking to promote your blog:

1. Interact with your readers. The best way to keep traffic coming in is to make them feel welcome. So when a visitor takes the time to leave a comment, thank them! If you use the Disqus plugin or similar systems, you can even rate them – just a little +1 or ‘like’ to say ‘thanks for your feedback.’ And replying just to say ‘thanks for your insight’ goes a long way. Get into an interesting discussion or two with your commenting readers sometimes, it shows that you’re not just a megaphone shooting your mouth off, but have an open mind and thoughts to consider.

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Why Choose the Right Colour Scheme for Websites

When used correctly, colours can not only enhance the visual appeal of your website but also help in conveying your message to the target audience effectively. Modern web browsers share 216 common colours necessitating you to stay in this colour range while designing key elements.
Going outside the standard 216 colour pallet would require the browser to mix colours. The browser thus borrows tiny dots from the colours that already exist to create the required colour, a process that is called as dithering. Most of the times, this dithered colour is so speckled that it becomes impossible for users to read the text.


Designing A Secure Website

Designing A Secure Website? These Five Linux Distros Can Help.

Every now and then, perhaps we should remind each generation of web developers about Linux. Although even the staunchest Linux advocate will admit that the Linux desktop lags behind on gaming (unless you’re a Minecraft junkie!) and can’t run Photoshop for beans, Linux is a powerhouse for the average web developer. Linux is baked into the backbone of the Internet, after all. And how much flash and polish do you need to slap together Javascript, XML, and PHP?

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Web Design

Web Design – Explore How The Web Has Formed

A must for anybody interested in business and eCommerce on the World Wide Web, we hope none of you missed this site on how the web evolved. The interactive timeline, itself a gilded dragon of web design, takes you through the various tools and tech of the web. Hover over one aspect to see info boxes pop up explaining different key stepping stones in that aspect’s development. Through this, you can see that the WWW proper got off to a start in 1991 (though BBSs still dominated on the home front for a number of years), that Netscape (grandfather to Firefox) and Opera both predate Internet Explorer, and that AJAX actually came to the fore in 1999 – so why did the industry not discover it until circa 2004?

Don't Frustrate your Potential Customers

Don’t Frustrate your Potential Customers – Make it Easy to Buy From your Site

Convincing customers to buy from you is a tough task in itself. It is a big put off for a customer if they are actually wanting to buy, but you don’t offer an efficient system to do so.

Unless you have a simple working system that is hassle free, you cannot give your customer a satisfying buying experience. It is important that you develop a website which is easy to use and makes it easy for them to buy from you – without being frustrated.

The basics would be to design your shopping site with a link to your order page from most of the pages on your site. Very basic stuff.

You should offer the customer multiple payment options. This is because not all customers would be convinced about using credit cards only or paying via Paypal. Some may want to pay by check or bank funds transfer.

It is a good idea to offer these different options for payment to your customers. If you do not offer these different options, your website will suffer ‘cart abandonment’.

Also, it is a good idea to create and place a FAQ page on the website, which can provide the customers with easy answers to small problems that they face. You could also place small demos or install live chat options, so that they may get the solution immediately.

These options are not difficult and can be setup very quickly.


Astroturf Marketing

Moral: Big Corporations Astroturf Each Other, Too

Tech news sites seem a little too gleeful in reporting the media war between Facebook and Google. CNET reports that that fight got a lot dirtier when Facebook hired a PR company to spread naughty rumors about Google.

In the trade, we call this “astroturfing.” Astroturf is a fake plastic grass, from which this practice gets its name. A swelling tide of public opinion is called a grassroots movement. So astroturf, then, is a fake grassroots campaign, made to look like genuine opinion but actually it’s a paid advertisement. You have to start wondering about that comment on Slashdot, that story submitted to Digg, or that tweet from a follower recommending some product – are they really who they say they are?

In a three-part series, a tech blogger explains just how much of what we read online is astroturf. It’s a shocking revelation when you consider just how much business is going on out there. The next time you’re on Facebook and you have a friend there complaining about Google, consider that they just might be part of a “whisper campaign.” And don’t be naive enough to think that Google doesn’t probably do the same thing back!