AdWords Marketing

Implementing a AdWords Marketing

AdWords Marketing was introduced in 2000 by Google as the “Self-Service Advertising Program”. Now they have become an important element of several online businesses.

Digital marketing defines AdWords as a pay-per-click service that allows the creation and running of Ads for your business. These are clickable Ads posted above the Google search results. Using the correct keywords targeting the appropriate audience, AdWords allows you to reach people who are already interested in the service or product you provide.

Listed here are a few reasons you should incorporate AdWords marketing in your businesses.

  1. They are Flexible and Measurable

Unlike conventional marketing channels, such as print media or television, online marketing is easily measurable. SEO campaigns, although valuable in their own right, it is challenging to effectively and accurately measure what caused a rise or fall in your ranking.

This is where AdWords marketing comes in, it allows you to categorically measure what works and what doesn’t. It also has options that allow you to customize your campaign options and fit your needs.

  • Exact keyword searches display your Ad using the specific keyword match type.
  • You can narrow your target audience by the time of day, their location, type of device they are using and even their language.
  • Ad extensions enable you to display contact information, product images, or a number of links to your website.
  • You can create brand awareness by leveraging the display network.
  • You can access Google’s various non-search partner websites easily.
  1. Quick Results

One of the major drawbacks of Search Engine Optimization is that due to the competition and time for your content to “prove” itself, it can take several months before you can see any results.

On the other hand, AdWords Marketing works almost instantly. You can see the Ads appear and results, such as visitor data, be available as soon as the AdWords campaign is online.

Along with the instant monetary flow, you will be able to witness the effectiveness of your keywords due to the speed. This will provide you with the information required to create an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign.

  1. Control On Your Advertising Cost

As it is one of Google’s primary sources of income, they are regularly upgrading AdWords. One of the benefits of this marketing technique is that you set the cost per day for each campaign. Without going over budget, you can fix an amount for your Ads.

This will only be a problem when your budget is too low, because the number of Ads will also start to decrease. You can scale this budget according to your needs and this is specially handy when you have a small period of time to create many leads.

It is advised that, since you might have more than one campaigns running simultaneously on a daily basis, you should divide your campaign into three separate targeted areas:

  • Remarketing (Display Network)
  • Mobile Search
  • Google Search

Statistically, almost 80% of the search results contain AdWords placements and they cover majority of the space on the first half on the results page. This shows how popular AdWords Marketing is becoming amongst advertisers.