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How Can My Website Design Impact My Online Marketing Efforts?

Digital marketing is one of the major advertising streams for lawyers and law firms around the world. Things like Google AdWords, SEO, branding, and social media marketing are terms that pretty much every marketing team in the world has to be familiar with today, as they form the cornerstone of effective advertising.

However, there is one thing that isn’t talked about as much as it probably should be – the important of web design to your digital marketing efforts. If your website isn’t as well designed as it perhaps could be, will it hurt your marketing efforts?

First, Yes It Will!

Your website is basically the cornerstone of your online presence. If it’s poorly designed or not put together well this can reflect badly on your firm. A modern website design can be reflective of the people or company that designed it. This can result in people seeing you and your law firm as poor quality or less skilled than others who have better websites – something that you definitely don’t want!

If you want to avoid this, then your best option is probably to employ a high-quality web design team from the start. Don’t try and save money by doing it yourself or by getting your girlfriend’s brother’s best friend to do it cheap for you. When it comes to web design, you get what you pay for.

Your Website Also Reflects On Your Business Image

Branding should be another key element of your online marketing strategy. A clear, well defined brand is essential to make sure that your law firm is immediately recognisable and to help you stand out above your competitors.

However, a poorly made website that isn’t clearly branded can have huge negative impacts on your marketing efforts. People are very good at picking up on poor quality or badly made websites, and they will subconsciously penalise you if your branding isn’t consistent across the internet.

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