Designing A Secure Website

Designing A Secure Website? These Five Linux Distros Can Help.

Every now and then, perhaps we should remind each generation of web developers about Linux. Although even the staunchest Linux advocate will admit that the Linux desktop lags behind on gaming (unless you’re a Minecraft junkie!) and can’t run Photoshop for beans, Linux is a powerhouse for the average web developer. Linux is baked into the backbone of the Internet, after all. And how much flash and polish do you need to slap together Javascript, XML, and PHP?

So here’s a post on five Linux distros that focus on security. They are formidable accomplishments indeed, filled with the usual terms you see bandied about at any Black Hat security conference. And there’s no fear of commitment, since most if not all Linux systems are designed to run from a USB pendrive, DVD, or other portable media. Why not give one a spin every now and then and penetration-test your website? You might learn a thing or two from it.